Aneel Pandey – USA

I am writing this testimonial about my fantastic experience with Fernando, the shaman, and his lovely wife, Kuitzi. Their ayahuasca workshop took place at the Corto Maltes lodge, which is a thirty-minute boat ride from the city of Puerto Maldonado in Peru. The lodge was easy to get to. I […]

Inez Aires (Portugal)

My heart and willingness of self discovery and connection with the Whole, took me to Peru in 2005 for 9 months, where I had the honor of siting in ceremony with several different healers, shamans, teachers and curanderos, and start my studies of Ayahuasca and plant medicine. At a certain […]

Claudia – Portugal

Having the opportunity to do Ayahuasca with Fernando and Kuitzi is to do a lifechanging work. As they say, it is ‘La Medicina’ that will guide you and heal mind, body, soul. One of the most direct ways to face yourself, know yourself, heal and improve yourself. The World needs […]

Fezz Chad – USA

The pulse of life is stronger in the jungle than any city I’ve ever been to. The days shed little light in comparison to the orchestra of sounds played during the night! It didn’t take long to truly realize just how immense mother nature really is. I came to dive […]

Carter, USA

Five months ago I took a trip to Peru. I had no solid reasons for leaving the States. I had just moved to New York. Been there for three months only. But thoughts of Peru grew into my mind. I would see the word Peru many times a day. Peru […]

Tine Flolo, Norway

I had never tried a diet before. Actually I`d never heard about it. I had been going to a school in Norway learning about the Queros` way of healing. Now we were on a school-journey in Peru, travelling around with the Queros, learning from them. First we had been to […]

Andre, Portugal

Since I finished the week of Chiric Sanango’s diet I was asked to write a testimony of my experience with this plant, sharing it with others. I’ve been waiting to do it for some time now.. for the right mood, the appropriate state of mind.. cause describing something of this […]

Jim Peters, UK

This was not my first jungle diet, but after my terrible experience with the first, I knew much better the conditions necessary when you are in such a sensitive state. To start with, it is important to have full confidence in the people who will be looking after you, and […]