Ayahuasca retreat

We make Ayahuasca Retreats in the amazing Lodge Corto Maltes Amazonia, near to Puerto Maldonado city. We will enjoy the Madre de Dios rainforest, Mondial Capital of Biodiversity with all conmodities: swinming pool, bungalows with views of the river and jungle, vegetarian foods, gardens to walk or meditate and a beautiful “maloka” for ayahuasca ceremonies.

Finality of the Retreat is open our heart to the Mother Earth, others and ourselves. Ayahuasca cleans our body and helps us to understand relationships, development of compassion and wisdom heart. The work is oriented to connect our inner teacher, feel and share with love our gains and losses to grown together like a same family. Mother Ayahuasca ceremony, contemplation and listening to accept ourselves like we are. This work is not a shamanism workshop to find spirits or energies…

Retreat includes: lodge in double bungalow (is possible to have a single with special cost); vegetarian meals; 3 ayahuasca ceremonies; integration sessions with the group and private; visits with professional guide to the Tambopata National Reserve; transports from/to airport to Corto Maltes Amazonia Lodge.

Write us for cost information. (Especial prices for couple or groups) info@nixipae.com

If you want to participate, send us a email to info@nixipae.com with: full name, nationality, sex, email, languages you speak, job, interest to participate and if you have any disease, please, especify details. If you took (or are taking) drugs or medicines, please, tell us.

You need to bring: clothes for warm weather; hat; sunglasses; mosquito repelent; large clothes for trekking and notebook.

If you want to participate in our programs, send an email to info@nixipae.com with: full name, nationality, sex, email, languages you speak, job. Please, tell us your reasons to participate in a Retreat or Diet

This Retreat it is not for: person with cardiac diseases, if you are pregnant, if you are minor. Not for people who want to live a “trip” or only “try substances”. Drugs are strictly prohibited. It is not permitted to drink alcohol and have sex relations during the Retreat. One week before arrival is recommended reduce salt, sweet and chilly. Pork, alcohol and sex relations is not recommended almost one week before arrival and one week after the Retreat.

12-14 JAN Women Retreat

26-28 JAN – Retreat 2 ceremonies

11-13 MAY – Retreat 2 ceremonies

21-24 JUN – San Juan Retreat (Ayahuasca + Wachuma)

6-11 AUG – Retreat Ayahuasca + Wachuma

19-27 OCT 2018 – Diet in Rainforest (Peru)